Hands-On With The Retro Duo, The NES/SNES Hybrid

retro_duo.jpgImporter Innex featured the Retro Duo, an NES, SNES and Super Famicom player, heavily in its CES booth this year, giving old school console fans a chance to bust out their old carts and save a bit of space. The Retro Duo, which was paired with the NES and Sega Genesis-playing Gen-X, features S-video out, for those looking for a bit more clarity out of their 8-bit and 16-bit collection. The Retro Duo's controller looks and feels like the stock Super Nintendo controller, with another controller, part SNES, part NES Max, that should appeal to fans of that form factor.

One advantage the Retro Duo has over some of the other NES/SNES clones is its ability to properly play the original Starfox, which looked and played just as we remembered it. The double duty console looks like a pretty nice product for anyone who still has plenty of retro titles on hand and isn't already in possession of similar products like the FC Twin. More pics of the consoles are in our gallery below.

Retro Duo PackaginInnex BoothGen-XRetro Duo Power SwitchRetro Duo


    we can i buy the retro duo from?

    mate go out and buy a real nes and snes it may cost more but nothing feels better than playing a link to the past of a snes or smb3 on a real front loading nes

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