Happy New Year!

To: Crecente
From: Luke
Subject: Happy New Year!

As above! Boy, it was nice to return to the land of the living today. Yesterday, I spent the entire day indoors, in the dark, alternating between restless sleep and episodes of The Mighty Boosh. Why? Something about a party, and something with mangoes in it, then a bottle of Jägermeister, then it all got a little fuzzy...

So, 2008, huh? Scary. Pretty soon we'll be in 2010, which when you say it out loud is approaching science-fiction territory for this child of the 1980s. Ah well. Here's hoping it's as enjoyable a year as 2007 was! And that, you know. We don't get invaded by aliens or end up fighting a tireless army of machines built for war. Or something.

Here's what you missed while you were getting over a hangover I'd gotten over 20 hours earlier:

It's the end of the road for the trusty Wavebird
We totally slept on Wolfquest's release
Why settle for one Wii peripheral when you can have eight. Or...seven.
US Chopper unit commit Halo to their heraldry
The PS3 version of The Orange Box looks certain to be patched
Sam & Max 2 was 3/4 done before it was canned. The frustration is palpable


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