Harmonix's Rock Band Drummer Tips


Wired GameLife's Chris Kohler sat down with some of the Harmonix folks to drag out some pro-drumming tips from them. Apparently it's not just about playing a song over and over and over again, there are a lot of little secrets that can ease your drumming pains.

For instance, the article explains the difference between heel-up and heel-down kick pedaling and when each should be used. It also talks about some of the issues inherent with using a pedal created for a game rather than a real drum's pedal. Other tips get into hand position, strokes, finger usage and some great practice tips. Finally there's a listing of some places on the net to find some good drum instruction and the songs in the game that are best for practicing drums on.

All-in-all it's a great read and an excellent primer for faux, and perhaps real, drumming.

Rock Band Feature: Harmonix's Top Tips For Drummers [Wired]


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