Harpooned, The Only Japanese Whale Research Simulator

harpooned.jpgEver wanted to play the role of a Japanese science vessel performing “very important research” on Antarctic whales?

You know, that super special type of research that supposedly involves killing and eating them? Yeah, that kind.

If this sounds like you (oh dear), then you should probably check out Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator – unless you’re particularly sensitive to the issue, in which case just ignore the rest of this post, grab an inflatable boat and head south.

According to its Australian creator, Conor O’Kane, Harpooned was built using the Torque Game Builder and is Windows-only. Gameplay wise, it’s your run of the mill scrolling shooter. The objective is to shoot whales and collect their remains (for massive combo points) while avoiding protester boats and icebergs.

It’s free to download and play, and the perfect way to relieve the anger and outrage.

Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator [Official site, thanks Conor]


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