Hatin' On MacBook Air

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Eye-Ron Butter-Fly

As you know, I am a Mac user. I write this on my MacBook Pro. Quite happy with it! Not that I am in the market for a new MacBook (wife says she is), I was really disappointed with the MacBook Air. Really, really disappointed. Like, the product doesn't make any sense! (Granted, as Jason Chen at Giz quickly pointed out to me, it's directed at a particular audience, perhaps a different audience — one that doesn't use its laptop all day long or use the MacBook Air as its main computer.) But, still. No ethernet port?! Can't change the battery?! No disc drive?! Utter nonsense. What happens if I am on a plane and can't recharge? What if I want to, you know, watch DVDs or *gasp* listen to CDs? Either Apple is totally out of touch with consumers or just eager to cram other products down people throats. I'd prefer to have all that in the actual machine, instead of having to buy a bunch of peripherals for The World's Thinnest Laptop and then have to keep track of said peripherals. But hey, that's just me.

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