HD DVD Exclusive Transformers Running on PS3

080104_02.jpg Haven't tried this, but apparently a Japanese gamer was able to rip HD DVD exclusive, burn it on Blu-ray and get it running on a PS3. What use used:
• HD DVD drive
• Copy of Transformers HD DVD
• Drive for Blu-ray disc writing
• BD-R/RE disc
• HD DVD rip shareware "AnyDVD HD"
• EVO file demu freeware software "EVOdemus"
• TS file demux/remux freeware software "TSremux"
• BD lighting software "Ulead Burn.Now" (BD drive bundle)

Hit the jump for the four step procedure:

1. With AnyDVD HD, rip a EVO file of the HD DVD Transformers
2. Using EVOdemux and rebuild, the necessary image and voice are selected
3. Convert EVO file into BDMV form with TSremux.
4. Burn onto BD-RE with Ulead Burn.Now

Once again, we haven't tried this, so we're not sure if it works or not (or even if these directions are correct). This fella was apparently able to get it on Blu-ray — though, he wasn't able to get subtitles transferred over. Let us know if you are able to do this successfully.
Transformers on Blu-ray PS3 [Pocket News via Hobby Blog]


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