Heavy Rain Tech Demo, Short But Rocks My World

Quantic Dream, makers of Indigo Prophecy and the upcoming Heavy Rain, made a really bold claim a few weeks ago; they said that their game had crossed the uncanny valley—that place in human graphics that sits jarringly, stomach-churningly between not quite fake enough and not quite real enough. Looking at the company's tech demo, it's tough to agree or disagree with their claims.

You see, I can't say that the figure looks entirely real, but I can look at the model without being bothered like I am by, say, Beowulf. I don't viscerally feel like something inhuman is posing as human, and I'm not sure exactly why that is.

Of course, without any full environments, let alone a full face, it's tough to jump to all that many conclusions at the moment anyway. But if Quantic is pulling off these features in a real time environment on this generation of consoles, I'm pretty freaking impressed.

Tech Demo of Heavy Rain [Gamersyde]


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