Hot Flashes: Cursor*10

cursor_10.jpgCursor*10 may feature the graphical wonder of echochrome and gameplay length totaling in the minutes, but I'll be damned if this isn't the most clever Flash game of 2008. It's currently the top contender for Hot Flash of the Year, introducing many to what will probably be their first timeshifted single-player co-op experience. The game's mechanic is too clever to spoil here, but make sure you, at the very least, give it a few lives. And if you make it to level 16, help me out with a tip, wouldja?

Cursor*10 [nekogames via The-In Between]


    U need to hold down a total of 5 "buttons" to gain access to the level 16 in addition to collecting all the square prisms. There are 2 other "buttons" on the lower levels in addition to the 3 on level 15. make sure all 5 are held down. Collect all square prisms on the way up. (don't forget the big one on level 16!)

    easy.. but pure genius. Loved it!

    Can't get to lv16? :s Maybe you're missing the button on lv6 you have to hold down as well as the other three on 15?

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