How Gamers Will Save the World

How Gamers Will Save the World
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simcitysocieties.jpg From Rock, Paper, Shotgun comes an article that was originally printed in PC Gamer UK entitled ‘How Gamers Will Save the World.’ It’s a nice roundup of a lot of the more serious uses of games, as well as a number of hot news stories of years past that involved the positive effects of gaming (e.g., you want your surgeon to spend a few hours a week playing video games).

Gaming is changing how we communicate, how we do business, express ourselves, and meet new people. Collaborative gaming, where thousands of us are working together to create projects in game worlds like EVE Online, Second Life, A Tale in the Desert, or any number of other emerging worlds, forges new ways of playing, and new ways of learning. This is a phenomenon that is changing the world right now, and it’s happening without us really noticing. Furthermore, we are, by funding games and gaming-related research, creating the 3D web, the ‘metaverse’ – or the grid of information that will serve us in the decades to come. Moreover we are guaranteeing the propagation of a medium that engulfs cinema, architecture, music, animation, sculpture, sport, indeed all of culture. Games are a brave new frontier of imagination, art and science, and they’ve only just begun.

And is that a waste of time?

It’s an article that’s a nice wrap up of the positives of the industry and playing games at large, and a good read through on a lazy Saturday. I’m not sure gamers will save the world, but I am quite sure we’re not the pack of blood thirsty social misfits that popular media occasionally likes to paint a picture of.

How Gamers Will Save The World [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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