How to Get 800 Free Microsoft Points

phonesupport.jpgWe've gotten a few reports of customers who had purchased Undertow previously being laughed off the support line when calling Microsoft for compensation, as they indicated to us to do last week, so I decided to try the process out for myself. I called 1-800-4MY- XBOX, and after navigating the automated answer bot got in touch with a support specialist named Mark, who was amazingly cordial. I spent 7 years doing phone tech support myself, and Mark's level of cheerful professionalism was almost creepy. He took my information down and put me on hold to check the validity of my original purchase, which was made back when Undertow was released.

Unfortunately he couldn't find my information about purchasing Undertow in the first place, which might have been my fault, because I am pretty sure I used a promotional code to download the game - information I am sure would have aided him in his search - but he gave every indication that were he able to find my information regarding the purchase he would have happily refunded the original 800 points. I of course did not, seeing as I did not technically pay for the game, but it you purchased Undertow before the free game reveal you should be fine. If you're having trouble, perhaps you're talking to the wrong person. Remember to be patient, and if all else fails - ask for a manager. Not everyone working the support lines is as eerily cheery as Mark was.


    Ok I just rang them and they refunded me the 800points just letting fellow Aussies know!

    I havnt tried it yet but i hope it works

    i need 4000 microsoft points

    I need 5000 rs points or what ever they say it over here in australia :)

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