Howard Stringer Not Sold On In-Game Ads

stringer_listensbadads.jpgIn-game advertising seems like an easy way to turn a buck, right? Wrong. While advertising is established in magazines and television, games are a great unknown. Activision Blizzard honcho Bobby Kotick says he wouldn't go in that direction himself. "It's early days," according to Kotick. Sony bossman Howard Stringer also remains unconvinced.

Says Stringer:

The [supposed]solution to everything at the moment in the digital space is ad-supported. While advertisers are happy to talk that up, there is a limit to the amount of money available... Young people don't like advertising very much...

Make that, young people don't like bad advertising. If it's done in an innovative, non-intrusive way, in-game advertising could work. I mean, why not?

Questions Raised Over Modern Ads [ via Gamasutra]


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