Hummer Concept Car Looks More Than A Bit Warthog-y

halo_hummer_warthog.jpgIt may not look quite as Warthog-y as WETA's own fully-functioning recreation of the ubiquitous Halo ride, but Hummer's HX Concept certainly looks like it will appeal to those raised on the adventures of Master Chief. According to our brothers at Jalopnik, coming from their coverage of the Detroit Auto Show, the Warthog-esque concept vehicle features removable roof panels, fender flares and doors, but no mention is made of support for mounted turrets. A rich gallery full of pretty pictures and details reside at Jalopnik.

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX Concept Embargo Totally Fragged [Jalopnik]


    Look at this! This is awsome, I really like this!
    Theres more of some awsome cars, couldnt send you the one I really like but i pasted it to my pictures. love ya

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