Internal Microsoft Memo Contains New Info, Fightin' Words

mgs.jpgGames journo Dean Takahashi was included in an internal Microsft mailing list late yesterday, to which was sent an email expanding on the games-related stuff covered during Microsoft's CES address. It's signed off by Don Mattrick, from Microsoft Game Studios, and is if nothing else an insight into how Microsoft rally their corporate troops when blue face-paint and sword-waving just aren't practical options. While most of the stuff was already covered by Gates and Robbie Bach during the address, other tidbits are revealed amidst the chest-beating, such as Games For Windows titles accounting for 20% of 2007's PC software sales market, the promise of "several exciting yet-to-be-announced titles" and assurances that "many of 2007's biggest hits [will be]coming back in 2008 with additional downloadable content through Xbox LIVE".
Meanwhile, this Xbox 360 memo showed up in my inbox [Tech Talk, via Game|Life]


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