You like games, so you surely like Sci-Fi right? I know I do, though my tastes tend to lean more toward the heady works of Le Guin and Miller then the likes of today's pulp sci-fi writers. (Little known fact I flunked Science Fiction in college, no lie.) That isn't to say I don't love the works of Heinlein and Howard too. But no matter which way your Philip K Dick dangles, Gawker's newest Sci-Fi-centric blog io9 has you covered. What's an io9 you ask? A rapture fucker. See proof you need to love this site. Not only is it packed with Sci-Fi goodness, it also tackles a bit of Sci-Non-Fi and throws in comic books, TV, movies, and I bet some video games, to boot.

Ride the nanowires over to today. Brain implant sold separately.


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