Iowa Caucuses Good On Gaming

rockthevotelogo.jpgThe results of yesterday's Iowa Caucuses are in, and it's a clear win for video game fans everywhere! As the smoke cleared and the votes were tallied, two of gaming's strongest critics managed to avoid coming out on top. Republican Mitt Romney, who likes to lump in violent video games with pornography as factors corrupting America's youth, found himself in second place behind Mike "Change Your Last Name Before Being Elected Please" Huckabee, with 25% of the vote to Huckabee's 34%. On the democratic side of things, Hilliary Clinton found herself trailing John Edwards 30% of the vote by a tiny margin, with Barack Obama taking the lead with 38%. Clinton has long been outspoken against violent video games, at one time claiming they were "stealing the innocence of our children...making the difficult job of being a parent even harder." I think we're ll well-aware as to how hard it is to be a parent and still have to do all that unattractive parenting stuff. Icky. Despite the early numbers, the candidacy is hardly sealed for either party at this point. Next stop, New Hampshire!

Analysis: Huckabee up, Clinton down heading to Granite State [CNN via Game Politics]


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