Is it Dangerous to Work at GameStop?


A Washington State GameStop employee was robbed at knife point Monday night by a man muttering to himself, Bellingham police report.

The employee told police that a "tall, very skinny white man" in his 20s was browsing in the store for about 45 minutes before taking several games to the register. After the employee rang up the games the man began to walk out of the store talking to himself. The muttering man then turned around and pulled out a small knife and demanded cash and games.

The man took the lucre and ran from the place. Fortunately, this time around no one was killed. The story does remind me that periodically we get a slew of emails from GameStop employees complaining about how very unsafe it is to work at their particular store, due sometimes to the late hours and sometimes to the one-person shifts.

I can't help but think of my brother, who worked part of his way through college back in the 80s at a 7-Eleven, he was robbed several times and eventually quit because of how dangerous the low-paying job was. Has GameStop become the 7-Eleven of this generation?

I've contacted GameStop for comment on this issue, but haven't heard back.

Young man Robs Game Stop [Bellingham Herald][Pic from previous story]


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