Iwata Poohs Graphics and Story, Loves Apple

iwatanintendonew.jpg Nintendo of today is a different company. A different company with a different perspective. Not that this is good or bad — it's different. So when Nintendo president honcho was asked about the new physical interaction the Wii-mote offers, his answers is anything but typical. In fact, it makes us somewhat sad. Here Iwata answers Japan's Asahi.com:

It's [the waggle]an extension of the argument of straightforward and easy control we started with the DS, but putting it in the living room makes it different. As big screen televisions increase, what kind of game machine can you make? Targeting highly detailed graphics and epic stories are options, and in that situation, the gamer population doesn't increase. The answer was creating the sensation of really playing sports on the television screen, and it's a new type of physical interaction.

Sure, he's got a point. Nintendo sales are certainly indicative of that. And Nintendo is running a business, but still. Big games slowly trickle out of Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters these days. Elsewhere in the interview, Iwata professes his adoration for Apple. Not surprising since both the DS Lite and the Wii reek of Apple design inspiration. Hit the jump for that quote.

I've liked Apple products for many years... Common features between both companies are: "Wring the in-stock goods", "Produce simple products" and "Suggest a new and surprising lifestyle." I think Apple as an electronics company and Nintendo as a game company should pursue that...

Welcome to Nintendo 2.0.

Iwata Interview [Asahi.com via Itai News]


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