Iwata Surprised, Sad, Bored, Positive, Not Funny

Iwata Surprised, Sad, Bored, Positive, Not Funny
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iwatamanofmanyemotions.jpg Nintendo president Satoru Iwata runs the entire spectrum of emotions in an interview he gave with Japanese site Yukan Fuji. He discusses his surprise at the Wii and DS’s success, while mentioning his sadness about critics claiming that Nintendo forces product shortages as part of its strategy. That’s not all! Iwata also talks about people growing tired of games as entertainment, mentions his personal positive outlook and cracks what must be the unfunniest joke of 2008. All that, after the jump:

“To say ‘we expected it to sell’ would be vain. If we had known the Wii and DS would expand so dramatically in such a short time, we wouldn’t have had shortages, nor would we have had to raise our financial forecasts.”

“[When I see articles saying forced shortages are part of our strategy] , I honestly feel sad. Game machine production amounts are set about half a year in advance, so they cannot be easily changed. The concept of the Wii is ‘a machine that makes people who play it smile.’ We wouldn’t use a strategy that is at odds with smiling. Getting as many people as possible to show us their smiles when playing a Nintendo game — that’s the energy source that drives us.”

“Things grow bad the moment they’re left in the same position. In particular, people can grow tired of entertainment such as games, so in order to make sure the consumers who took up the DS and Wii don’t loose interest, new ideas like Wii Fit will become essential from here on out.”

“I am super positive. In this business (being a company president) if you’re not positive, you’ll immediately get weakened and won’t be able to continue. Also, if I didn’t have a positive outlook, I definitely wouldn’t be able to say something like ‘expand the gaming population.'”

“This year we will release a new system. That is, of course, a joke. Our goal is to show our ‘answer’ to how to make sure the game population that has increased through the Wii and DS doesn’t end as a short-lived boom. Even with the DS, there are still things left to do.”

Iwata is Super Positive [IGN via Go Nintendo]

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