Jaffe Says Clues To Next Game Hidden In Twisted Metal Remake

twisted_metal_clues.jpgDesperate for even the slightest taste of what David Jaffe and the team at Eat Sleep Play have planned for their next title? You might want to take a look—a hard look—at their first, Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition. Jaffe tells GamePro that the follow-up is "absolutely revealed" in the forthcoming PlayStation 2 port, but that details are "hidden really, really, really well". Whatever it is, it's not necessarily a new Twisted Metal title.

Given that Jaffe claims the clues are "so well hidden" and "really cryptic", we estimate it will take a good 45 minutes after the game hits store shelves for details to pop up on the internet. 50 minutes, tops.

Jaffe says clue to next game hidden in new Twisted Metal [GamePro]


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