Japan Downloads [email protected] Content Big Time

imaspresser.jpg Wallets open! At a recent Namco press conference, it was announced that music idol managing sim THE [email protected] has sold over 100,000 copies since going on sale last January in Japan. That's not so impressive (it is an Xbox 360 game, though). Here is what's impressive: It's number 3 in the world for downloadable content, selling $US 3 million worth. That means the DLC per copy rate is VERY HIGH. What's more, this is only Japan. Free downloadable demos also clock in at 1.2 downloads. The entire [email protected] market size for arcades, merchandise (CDs, etc) and whatnot is supposedly around $US 56 million dollars. What's THE [email protected]? It's nerd heroin.
Press Conference [IT Media Thanks, muu!]


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