Japan Welcomes Foreigners with Cosplayers

2008Jan18182600_1107.jpg Huh, last time I flew into Kansai International Airport, the only thing that was welcoming us foreigners was a finger-printing machine. KIX kicked off a campaign where cosplayers greet foreigner tourists with photo opportunities. Compared to Akihabara, there is less cosplaying and few maids in Den-Den Town. But the person in charge of the campaign remarked:

I want to promote Osaka's otakus.

Oh, okay. Photo opps with cosplayers at the airport? This is so nerdom's version of the Hawaiian lei ceremony.

True story: The first time I flew into KIX, I was greeted by a mob of photographers and TV cameras. Which weren't for me, but famed Hanshin Tigers slugger Randy Bass. Dude sat behind me in business class all the way from DFW. Slept the entire time.
Cosplay Airport [Asahi via Danny Choo via Japan Probe][Pic]


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