Japanese Fragile Website Gets Update

fragileupdate.jpg The last time we reported about Namco's mysterious Fragile, they had just released a teaser trailer and shortly before that, a single paged website. Since then, the site has been updated with a few more pages (all in Japanese) and more importantly, a recent gallery of some really nice looking screenshots. The dilapidated carnival shots remind me a bit of Silent Hill 3 with the creepy pig replacing the bloody pink bunny. It's still kind of hard to tell what this is going to be all about, but if the gameplay and story match up with the quality of the graphics, this promises to be a must have title for the Wii.

To access the screenshot gallery, after the intro plays (or you skip it) look at the top of the page and you'll see a menu of Japanese characters. The one with the red letters above it that says "new" will take you to the screenshot gallery.

Official Fragile Website [Namco]
[via GoNintendo]


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