John Romero and Mike Wilson Bickering Continues!

John Romero and Mike Wilson Bickering Continues!
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800px-Romerosprectorwilson.JPG To recap: First Doom creator John Romero (above, flowing locks) blogged that former colleague Mike Wilson (above, skirt) from Gamecock was up to his usual “jackarse stunts” and said Wilson was responsible for those “Bitch” ads. Then Wilson wrote an open letter to Kotaku, telling Romero that his “unparalleled work ethic and strong character has… left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation.” Ouch. Over the weekend, Romero replied to Wilson’s barbs, writing:

Mr. Wilson needed to email Kotaku a nice long letter to recount his version of events at Ion Storm and slam my personal life – way to go Mike! Media manipulation at its saddest. It’s analogous to a crotch shot of Britney in Hollywood’s media circus.

Anyway, I think we’re both mature enough to end this flame war. I just wanna see the cool games that gamecock is gonna release.

Agreed. Even if Romero started it. In the comments section of his blog, Romero made two comments that both attempt to put out the flames and fan the fire. Hit the jump for those.

It’s ok guys – no need to continue this worthless fight and commentary. Mike emailed me and apologised for his response.

But developing a game and publishing a game are completely different things. Gamecock is PUBLISHING other developer’s games with the money they have from their investors, it’s not personal money. Developers, on the other hand, get money from publishers to create their games. They’re the guys with the ideas and the blood, sweat and tears putting in the work to make it all happen. Without the developers there are no games.

Without the publishers……the developers become their own publisher.


Yeah, approval process of bitch ad:

mike: hey, here’s the kickass ad the richards group did – i think it’s great and we should do it

john: uh, i would never say that to someone “you’re my bitch” – that’s kinda gay

mike: don’t be a pussy! people will get it – it’s trashtalking.

john: ok, whatever…

To quote from the ending of Back to the Future: “To Be Continued…?”
Wilson Emails Kotaku [planet][Pic]


  • can they both shut up now please?

    it’s one thing to say “oh sorry yes let’s put out this flamewar” and then another to immediately follow that with “BUT you’re still wrong….”

    toolbags, both of them. we get enough of this shit from the usual net forums every day.

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