John Romero Dishes on “Bitch Ad”

John Romero Dishes on “Bitch Ad”
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Bitchadmikewilson.jpg Doom co-creator John Romero and Gamecock’s Mike Wilson go way back. Before he founded Gamecock, Mike Wilson was the CEO of Ion Storm, a company Romero founded. In less than a year, he was pushed out. (The company churned out the acclaimed Deus Ex and the not-so acclaimed Daikatana.) But Wilson’s gone on to set up Gamecock, which he describes as an “independent film company for small developers.” After reading the Gamecock’s release schedule right here on Kotaku, Romero blogged this about his former colleague:

I got a chuckle out of reading the reader’s comments on the article. People are now starting to get a clue about how Mr. Wilson operates. Hey everyone, he hasn’t changed in over 10 years — these are the kinds of jackass stunts he pulled at Ion Storm with Daikatana. Remember the bitch ad? Yeah. He also ran ads (“image ads”) that just had pictures of Ion Storm founders, himself and our COO. That was just the beginning of his madness.

It got much worse at Godgames where he pretty much just partied all the time and after the whole thing got reined in by Take 2 he went underground for a while, waiting for his next victim/investor so he could go hogwild all over again. And thus was born Gamecock.

Bitter, John? Perhaps you have every right to be…
Gamecock Release Schedule [planet Thanks, Witz!]

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