Johnny Lee On Wii, Johnny Lee

johnnylee.jpgHey, it's Johnny Lee! You all remember Johnny Lee, right? Dude's like Beethoven with a Wii Remote in his hands. Anyways, in an interview with Game Informer, Johnny talks about all kinds of interesting stuff, including the fact he's less a raving Nintendo fanboy than many of you would like to imagine:

I do play video games and I like video games, but I was much more excited about the capabilities of the controller than I was the Wii game console itself. It's amazingly impressive that Nintendo just allowed the ability to connect it to a computer over Bluetooth, which I think has been great for both the hobby community as well as the research community.

If you like Johnny's vids, you owe it to yourself to read Johnny's words.
Expanding Horizon's: Johnny Lee Sees The Wii's Potential [Game Informer][Image]


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