jPod Is A Proper TV Show About Game Development

We've seen a few "TV shows" about videogames pass across our desks over the years, from bad internet videos to worse internet videos, culminating in the shit-awful G4 series Code Monkeys. We've never seen one that looks this...proper, however. jPod is a new series that's airing on CBC in Canada, and while it looks as excruciatingly unfunny as its predecessors, at least it also looks like it's taking the whole idea of setting a show in the games industry (somewhat) seriously. Based on Douglas Coupland's book of the same name, it's about four nerd-like characters working for monolithic games company Electronic Neotronic Arts. Full run-down and bonus flash games at the link below.
[Official Site, thanks Adam!]


    I think G4's Code Monkeys is great fun to watch and I LMAO.

    Sometimes you nerds just take things too seriously...

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