Juiced Is Dead, But Juice Lives On

juiced_booty.jpgNow that publisher THQ has squeezed the Juiced franchise out of its software line-up, what will become of its developer, Juice Games? Juice's Colin Bell says to GamesIndustry.biz that the team will soldier on, creating two new titles. Bell says that the axing of the franchise from THQ was "disappointing" but that the team was "working on two very fresh and exciting projects that I can't discuss but the whole office is buzzing with the work we've done here recently."

We can only hope that the Juice boys go on to generate more product that results in advertising on booty shorts and more "banned" commercials that feature full nudity and the forceful removal of women's clothing. Our hobby's teenage boys need third-rate racing games now more than ever!

Juice Games working on two new projects [GamesIndustry.biz]


    Can't say I'll shed a tear. I think their idea of a good racing game is pretty much the exact opposite of my own...

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