Just Cause 2 Info Falls From The Sky

justcaus2.jpg I wanted to like Just Cause. I liked the demo! But the full game, it had problems. Made me want to wait for the sequel. Well that sequel's just had the wraps taken off, with some screenshots and info passed on to IGN. Some of the promised improvements include better enemy AI, a targeting system similar to Crackdown's aim-at-specific-body-parts one, better vehicle handling, better vehicles (including a...Boeing 747), less "dead space" on the game's maps and Rico's grappling hook is now a permanent addition to your arsenal. Just Cause 2 will also be leaving South America behind, but lovers of lazy sunsets will be happy to know it's taking place on a fictional Malay island, so you can still expect bad guys wearing bad tropical shirts to feature prominently.
Just Cause 2 First Look [IGN]


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