Keighley Compares Fox News To The Onion

Picture%2014.pngYou may have heard that after Geoff Keighley fell from his lofty position of Kotaku guest editor to some TV show that he made an appearance on Fox Newsdefending Mass Effect. Most of you heard about his experience defending the game's chastity, but what did he have to say about it afterward?

We debated whether I should do that or not. In retrospect I'm glad I went on to at least try to set the record straight...I sort of felt a little bit like I was on an Onion News Network skit or something like that.

Yeah, we know what you mean. It's sad sometimes how it doesn't feel like our world can really be happening.
Keighley: Fox News' Mass Effect Skit Was 'Off the Wall'


    Tell'em strait Geoff.

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