Keighley Sets Mass Effect Record Straight… Or Tries To


Having had the thrill of appearing live on Fox News to try and clear the waters over a vast video game misrepresentation, I have to say I feel for Geoff Keighley. In the first two minutes the anchor says that Mass Effect has full nudity and sex and a psychologist “expert” talks about statistics show that games are played by young boys and that Mass Effect is all about objectifying women. Oh wait, you can play as a woman too, Keighley points out and the full on nudity? About half a boob for 30 seconds of a 30 hour game.

Keighley totally took charge of the interview. How much, you ask? He goaded their expert, who seconds early was talking about sexism, to call him “darling.” Nice, maybe ask him to bend over a pick up a pencil next darling.

Let me end by saying it’s obvious that everyone of the people who they had discussing it after the fact have not only never played Mass Effect, they probably heard about it five minutes before they were supposed to offer an opinion. Very shoddy. Though, at least they got his name right.


  • Wow.
    The ignorance displayed here was almost tangible.
    Praise to Keighley, though. Shame they didn’t let him speak more.

  • It will be a great day, when the people who grew up during the videogame age will be the ones in the media, who won’t fear all forms of electronics due to a lack of understanding.
    I look forward to this day.

    Until then, I choose to live my non socially acceptable life 😀

  • Y’know, they are ABSOLUTELY 100% percent correct. Our children shouldn’t be playing a 30+ hour game and chance upon a sex scene like this at all! They would be more productive and have an easier time jumping on the computer, google “boobies”, and depending on daddy’s internet connection, have ACTUAL porn to look at, in no time at all! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • *groan* Simply sensationalist dribble, and what a ‘fair’ panel of individuals that was. I cant believe they can misrepresent the facts in such an outrageous and poorly executed manner. We truly are witnessing the blind leading the blind.

  • These people are idiots. They don’t even have their own opinion. Literally a full summary of the interview “Mass Effect is Bad, Oh, it’s not actually that bad….Yeah but still it’s bad!”

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