Kingdom Under Fire Goes MMO

kufII.jpgWhile the recently released Xbox 360 game Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom may have strayed from the series' action RTS formula, Korean developer Blueside and Phantagram are looking to bring the franchise back to its roots and then some with an all new, massively multiplayer version of Kingdom Under Fire. Thousands of players will be able to engage in giant battles in the world's first MMOARTS - massively multiplayer online action real-time strategy game. The game will also introduce a new faction, joining the already heated battle between the Human Alliance and the Dark Kingdom. Not sure what to expect with this title, really. I'm picturing a Planetside sort of affair, with different zones under conflict at any given time, with the ability to join battles on the fly. Whatever direction they take, the game is at least looking fabulous, which is one tenth of the battle. Hit up Eurogamer below for more images from this very ambitious sequel.

Kingdom Under Fire gets MMO sequel [Eurogamer]


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