K-mart HD DVD Crook, So Smart, So Dumb

image_handler.jpeg Crime starts small, but only gets bigger. Take K-mart employee Nathaniel A. Gustafson from Sheboygan, Wisonsin. He started stealing sodas from the retailer, but moved up to electronics by December. Here's how he did it: Gustafson stuffed 30 DVDs, two Xbox 360 controllers and ten video games in a Crock-Pot box that he purchased days later. Clever! After that, he crammed a camcorder, ten video games and ten movies in a toaster oven box. Likewise, he purchased it a few days later. Next, he fit an Xbox 360 hard drive, two Xbox 360 HD DVD players and PS3s in boxes for a microwave and a toaster oven. Genius set off the alarm as he left the store and now faces up to three years in prison for stealing $US 7,218 worth of merchandise. They should add an extra year to his sentence for the two HD DVD players. That's just dumb!
K-mart Employee Charged [The Sheboygan Press via Gay Gamer]


    He might be stupid for stealing all that stuff, but this paper is so stupid that it can't even spell his name correctly.

    p.s. the alarms are not why he was caught! good LP's is the reason he was caught

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