Kojima, THQ, Neversoft, NetDevil, Harmonix Invade Work and Play


I finally posted my Work and Play pet project last Friday. If you missed it, it is a collection of photo galleries showing off the office desks and home gaming set-ups of a pretty huge selection of game developers, journalists and industry folks.

Over the weekend I managed to gather up a sizable addition to the already big collection and I spent today updating it. New additions include folks from Neversoft, NetDevil, Kojima Productions, Harmonix, THQ and even a shot of Masaya Matsuura's desk, the man behind PaRappa the Rapper.

For those of you who keep track of such things, we're now up to nearly 60 galleries from 23 studios and 10 publications, as well as the industry folk.

Hit up the link to scout out the new pics. And don't worry, I am working on a way of doing a mammoth reader gallery showing off the same sort of images.

Work and Play: Inside the Lives of Gamings' Greatest [Kotaku]


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