'Korea Rising': Interviews on the State of the Korean Gaming Industry

nexonscreen.jpg Gamasutra has kindly compiled five complete interviews with members of the South Korean gaming industry to shed light on where Korea is now and where they'll be in the future. During the GStar game show in Seoul, Gamasutra got Stephen Lee (Nexon), Sang Woon Yoon (Webzen), Yoo-Ra Kim (T3), Ji Young Park (Com2Us), and Dae Hwan Lim (Microsoft) to talk about just about everything under the sun. The complete interviews span a daunting 21 pages; despite the diversity of opinions, there were a lot of commonalities:

The interviewees ... were universally interested in vaulting into the console and handheld markets, and growing audiences both inside and outside Korea with these projects.

The groundwork is still being laid, however .... Lim sees the Xbox 360 market as presently laying the groundwork for consoles catching on in Korea — "The console games market is not really successful here. We want to establish the base first for the Xbox 360 by releasing games more fit for Korean gamers. The company itself will make an investment for that. We're trying to establish the fact that games can be played by anyone, not just by adults."

If you're not scared off by the length, it's well worth a read through - the interviews cover a lot of ground and it's interesting to see different approaches to the same problems.

Korea Rising: Five Crucial Interviews [Gamasutra]


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