Kotaku Australia Originals: From Auran Closing to World of Warcraft Powerlevelling

ausglobe_01.jpgDecember 2007 was easily the busiest month in Kotaku Australia’s short history – one we plan on extending to eternity, with your help.

I think the news of Auran’s closure made the biggest waves. The story was picked up by pretty much everyone, even if a few managed to spell CEO Tony Hilliam’s name incorrectly. Despite any misgivings you may have for the company or its poorly received MMO Fury, the shutdown of an Oz developer, not to mention the loss of jobs involved, is sad news.

Auran, however, was just the tip of a rather large and frosty iceberg. Almost all took an interest in our tale of World of Warcraft powerlevelling and the emotional rollercoaster such an experience entails. If you plan on indulging in these services, I highly recommend you read this story before you do so.

Of course, we covered loads more during the month of December, so check out the links below and make sure you’re up-to-date.

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