Kotaku’s 2007 Pointies

Kotaku’s 2007 Pointies
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Last year, way back a few days ago, we posted our official Goaties, Kotaku’s picks for Game of the Year. Then we allowed you the readers to pick your favorites. But Game of the Year is such a specific goal, and their were so many games deserving of awards. Awards like Best Engine Missing a Game, Best Game that Shipped with a Blu-Ray Movie and The Wrong Time, Wrong Place award. Hit the jump to see the run down for our first ever Kotaku Pointing Fish Awards: The Pointies.

Best Use of Ayn Rand Philosophy: BioShock

Best Game That Really Could Have Done So Much More Despite Involving Snappily Dressed 19th Century Composers: Eternal Sonata

Best Game that Shipped with a Blu-Ray Movie: Stranglehold

Best Straight-Faced Lie in an Official Statement: Microsoft and Sony

Best Use of the Letter “e”: Every Extend Extra Extreme

Best Use of Controversy to Sell a Sub-Par Game: Rockstar

Gamecube GOTY: Super Paper Mario

Best Engine Missing A Game: Assassin’s Creed

Great Game, Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Project Gotham Racing 4

Best Use Of Mario In A Non Nintendo Game / Worst Use of Mario Ever: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Worst Use of TubGirl on a Blog: Kotaku

The Gizmodo Cheated Award: Halo 3

Microsoft Spokesman Most In Need of a Full-Time Vowel: Larry Hyrb

Best Ground Breaking System with Absolutely no Ground Breaking Downloadable Games: Wii

Best Use of Red LEDs: Xbox 360

Worst Use of Blue LEDs: Wii

Best Use of Alcohol at a Video Game Convention: Leipzig Games Convention

Worst Product Placement in an Awards Show, Brought to You By Mountain Dew: Spike TV VGAs

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