Krafting With Kotaku: Final Fantasy to Bioshock


By: Maggie Greene

Embroidery is a fine and ancient art, and counted cross-stitch is one of the easiest and most user-friendly varieties. Unlike other art forms that require some sort of innate or trained talent with the medium, just about anyone can put together cross-stitch projects that are pleasant to look at.

Unfortunately, unless you're really into Winnie the Pooh, elaborate alphabets, Precious Moments, or various types of wild animals looking pensive or free-spirited, the embroidery aisle at your local craft store can be lacking in the 'Why yes, I do want to spend tens of hours of my life on that' kits. But with a little extra work and planning, it's easy to put together your own project; until the major publishers start retailing Final Fantasy and Bioshock stitching kits, the best way for game fans to mix two things that usually don't go together - the kitsch of cross-stitch and the oh-so-modern medium of video games - is to plan and chart your own.


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