Lara Croft Needlepoint

sunflowerlaradetail%20copy.jpgThe work of Becky Schaefer has recently resurfaced on the blogosphere (hate that word, btw) so now seemed like as good as a time as any to introduce you to her art if you hadn't encountered it previously. These Lara Croft cross-stitchings (Schaefer's 2003 graduate arts degree project) subvert the traditional by introducing a modern, digital (female) icon into a classic (traditionally female) analog activity. The result? It's a bit jarring and induces introspection. What do you think of it?

sunflower lara detailthe sowersexit strategylaras initiativeblowback

Game Heroine Invades Bucolic Needlepoint Landscapes; Wreaks Aesthetic Havoc
[via shinyshiny]


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