Let's Move to Texas, Daddy! (It's Safe)

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Conversation from earlier today...

MINI-BASH: (Japanese) "Let's move."
ME: "Where do you want to move?"
MINI-BASH: "Texas."
ME: "Why do you want to move to Texas? Grandma?"
MINI-BASH: (Japanese) "Earthquakes. There are earthquakes in Osaka. Are there earthquakes in Texas?"
ME: "No. There are tornados."
MINI-BASH: (English) "What's that?"
ME: "The wind spins around very quickly and tears apart houses."
MINI-BASH: (English) "Oh. Let's no move there. Scary! (Japanese) You know there is global warming?

He starts pronouncing global warming slow and clear like, chi-kyuu-on-dan-ka.

ME: "Is global warming good or bad?"
MINI-BASH: (English) "Bad."
ME: "That's right. Have you been watching the news again?"
MINI-BASH: (English) "Yes. You have too?"

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