Library Tricks Kids Into Reading By Promising Wiis

wii_library.jpgIn an effort to get the kids to read books, Cape Coral, Florida libraries are bringing in Wiis, in a classic bait and switch scam that will get the youth hooked on "learning." The lure of Nintendo software will probably be more successful than clubbing them on the head and transporting them to the library via gunny sack, think local parents. "If each kid plays for 15 minutes, the rest of the kids are going to be waiting and they're going be talking. They're going to be picking up books," said a concerned parent of a four-hour-a-day gamer. These poor kids. They'll be choosing their own adventures in no time, enjoying the works of R.L. Stein and J.K. Rowling and dozens of other child-friendly, initials-only authors like a bunch of book addicts.

Library Wii's [WRCB TV]


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