LittleBigPlanet Team Talks DLC, Show New Levels At CES PS3 Preview

LittleBigPlanet Team Talks DLC, Show New Levels At CES PS3 Preview
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lbp_ces_stage.jpgMedia Molecule team members are currently on stage at CES, showing off the “play, create, share” title LittleBigPlanet to conventioneers and business types. The team just showed off a new pre-built level for the first time, one that introduces player death and respawn points to the DIY platformer. One of the new materials, under the “terribles” group, is a steaming hot magma rock, one that kills on contact. Sackboys who’ve been killed off can return later, courtesy of respawn portals. This adds a bit more of a competitive element to the game, as those still alive can secure unclaimed Fluff. At the end of the level, the LittleBigPlanet player with the most Fluff wins, naturally. Score results are shown on a TV with cute retro styling.

Hints of the first bits of downloadable content came in the form of new backgrounds, some of which have already debuted at CES. In addition to already shown desert and zen garden levels, the eastern Indian background featuring a pre-built Vishnu-like multi-armed god.

Sony and Media Molecule staffers also showed off another pre-built level with a heavy southwestern theme, a sombrero sporting Mexican mechanism that shuffled back and forth between structures. Players had to cooperate to pull the toy, which doubled as a platform necessary to progress, in order to complete the level.

The team also broke out briefly to show off the updated emote system further, with angry, sad, nervous, happy faces and postures, each with three degrees of intensity.

The game is looking very solid, but there wasn’t too much on display that hadn’t been seen at other events. The “share” portion of the game wasn’t available, with Media Molecule recycling the same mock-up video shown previously.

Sony didn’t follow up with any other titles, choosing to focus solely on LittleBigPlanet.

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