Liveblogging Bill Gates' CES Keynote

ces_2008_logo.jpgTouch down in Las Vegas and a full sprint up the escalator of one of the city's most confusing hotels later and Kotaku is in the house. CES 2008 is about to kick off proper tomorrow, but Microsoft bigwig Bill Gates is just about to take the stage in the Venetian's Palazzo Ballroom to deliver his final CES keynote. Gary Shapiro just left the stage to give Bill some extra space, but not before heaping kudos on the man and refreshing the crowd's memory on exactly who Gates is. Mr. Gates has finally taken the stage. He looks dapper in lavender and black, not unlike an Advent calendar worth a few billion dollars. Bill chats up Sync, Vista and integration across platforms, even mentioning video games in his intro. For the rest of the keynote, make the break.

Bill is now showing a humorous video—which is uncharacteristically and genuinely funny—complete with cameos from Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Robbie Bach and... Matthew McConaughey as his high as a kite personal trainer. Yup, there's Jay Z producing a track from Bill. Oh no, it's Bono. Bill's rockin' an Xbox 360 wireless controller in an audition of sorts with Bono.

The cameos continue—Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, Napoleon Dynamite, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore. This thing must've cost a fortune.

Make with the Xboxes and stuff already, Bill!


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