Localising Japanese Classics To Extend The PS2's Lifespan

greghorror.jpg With the PS2's time in the limelight almost done, development for Sony's old workhorse is winding up. But people are still buying PS2s! And people who already own them are still playing them! Can these folks count on getting new games? They can, ponder Next-Gen, if publishers fill the gap left by developers switching to 360/PS3 development by porting over some classic Japanese games that, for whatever reason, never saw a Western release. Some suggested titles/series include OneeChanBara, The Sega Ages collections (Virtual On!!!) and Gregory's Horror Show, which saw a PAL release and is safely on the kooky side of Awesome St. Add the one glaring omission I can see - Super Dimension Fortress Macross - to that list and we're just about good to go.
FEATURE: PS2's Last Chance Imports [Next-Gen]


    Something else they could do is remake classic games (renewing the copyright for the owners and earning them royalties)
    I am thinking along the lines of the recent remake/rerelease of the C64 classis Impossible Mission.
    in my thoughts I am thinking merely to rebuild the original games (more than one per disk maybe) using the PS2's advancements to make the games look better but play the same. would increase the likely hood that older gamers would be wanting these, after all kids are only a small portion of the total market

    I am in Japan at present.
    My son has a Japanese PS2 and likes playing a particular game not available in Australia.
    Can I take my PS2 back to Australia and will it play on an Australian TV ?


    Berserk, no question. It has a huge anime and manga novel following in the US and Aus so I don't know why it never was released in english.

    They should release Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike over here then.

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