Lots of Chinese Gamers, Lots of Free Gaming

chinaonlinefiles.jpeg There's no way around it: China has A LOT of people. Know what that means? A LOT of gamers! According to the Data Center of the China Internet and the Internet Society of China, there will be more than 59 million online Chinese gamers this year. That's a twenty percent increase from the 48 million online games last year. That's A LOT. At this rate, there should be WAY MORE online gamers in China next year, too. Eighty percent of that market is free-to-play online games, though.
Online Gamers Increase [China View via Games Industry][Pic]


    Wow, it really gives you a perspective of the world. 59 million online gamers in China, and that's nearly 3 times the amount of people this entire coutnry has. I still think 20 million people should be enough not to have to double the price of games sold here, but we really don't have that many compared to the rest of the world.

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