LSU Football Players Use Games to Prepare

LSU_Seal.JPG Video games - like sports - aren't always fun and games, and Louisiana State University has joined a handful of Division I schools that are using a rather elaborate modified Xbox game to reinforce lessons learned on the field. The game (simulator?) is customised for each school and even quarterback, allowing different experiences for different players.

XOS Technologies, a company that specialises in gearing technology to the needs of coaches, worked with EA Sports to produce the PlayAction Simulator that LSU has used this season.

"What they've done is they put our plays into the video game and then they put in our opponents' defenses," said Crowton, the Tigers' first-year offensive coordinator.

The game looks and plays just like the popular Madden NFL and NCAA football games, though all the goofy stuff such as player celebrations, cheering crowds, mascots and bands have been removed.

I don't follow football (at all), but I can see the utility of such a system (does this fall into the category of a 'serious game'?). XOS hopes to offer the game to all of their clients in the coming year.

LSU players use video games to prepare [MSNBC]


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