Major Nelson's Live Update is No More Live Updates


As Xbox Live limps into the third week of 2008 still experiencing slow-downs, and occasional outages, salvation has come in the form of a legal excuse not to explain why the service remains so dodgy.

According to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, he is no longer allowed to update us because Microsoft now faces a class action lawsuit over the outages. Hryb apologized, but said any future updates will need to come from "the lawyer."

That means no more Twitter updates like "LIVE is looking pretty good is it for you guys-n-girls?" or "I want to thank you all for (mostly) being so understanding during the tough LIVE time. Some of you did decide to cuss at me...but ok.".

The response by gamers over on his Microsoft site is getting quite hostile, hostile toward Larry Hryb and each other and the guys behind the suit. It's unfortunate that this has happened, because the only thing worse than having issues with a very popular service, is not being able to talk about when a fix is coming.

How about you all, are you still experiencing any Xbox Live issues?

Show #263 The One After CES [Major Nelson]


    I really don't understand this, personally I haven't had a single problem. Or is this only localized to loud whiny Americans?

    Whoah.... I just read some of those posts... and damn!

    I almost agree with Jack Thompson when I read things like that!

    I honestly don't think I've read such a bunch of arrogant, thoughtless and downright stupid posts in one place in a LONG time!

    And like Spiceman, I've never had a problem either... people are taking things way tooo far.

    Xbox live is still the best and most stable online store software to have ever graced the internet.

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