Make a Sign, Win Signatures (Wooden Entry)

Triforce%20or%20Cube%20Sign%202.JPG Don't forget! We're giving away Culdcept Saga stuff that includes the Xbox 360 game, a poster signed by the game's producer Kohei Takeshige and the soundtrack signed by Takeshige and composer Kenji Ito (who worked on some big Square games in the 90's and is now part of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl composer superteam). Reader Matthew sends this:

Sometimes in life you just don't know what game to play so I made this sign to at least give you directions as where to play them and put it up in my apartment complex. I made the sign by using a CNC mill, the hardest part was getting the depth of the companion cube edges right with the proper curvature. And the best thing about the sign is whichever way you decide to go you have chosen wisely.

Wowzers! Look. At. That. For those interested in entering, here's the contest: Make a game related sign, put it outside and take a pic. Send your entries to [email protected] with the subject line "Sign." Contest ends January 23rd. For those people without calendars, that's tomorrow. Remember, even contest losers get INTERNET FAME. Think about it.


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