Man Shoots Son Over Xbox 360 Argument

M1Rifle.jpg As tragic as this sounds, the real story has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. A young man (17) in Pennsylvania wanted his father to look at his Xbox 360 for some unknown reason and the father refused. An argument ensued resulting in the kid handing a rifle to his father and telling him to just go ahead and shoot him. So the father did. Now the kid is sedated in the hospital with a bullet lodged in his skull and the father is in jail. When asked about the situation, the boy's mother (and the man's ex-wife) said:

''One's in jail, one's in the hospital,'' she said. ''I won't know exactly what happened until I talk to [my son] . He's incoherent yet; they have him heavily sedated. (My ex-husband) did the shooting but it was an accidental thing that took place"

Clearly the Xbox 360 was really just a catalyst in what appears to be a long standing major family dysfunction. Sad, sure. Weird, definitely. But seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up.

When boy said 'shoot me,' dad did, police say [The Morning Call]


    Isn't the name of the father HOMER??? Doughhhh!!!

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