Mario Theme Charms Korean Pianos

Mario Theme Charms Korean Pianos
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piano_keys.jpgNintendo fever is still in its gestation stage over in Korea. It certainly hasn’t hit the level of, say, Japan. But! The brand and its characters are starting to pick up speed. Over at 4CR, Nick Rumas blogs:

I was at a friend’s home in the vast apartment wasteland that is North Seoul, when suddenly I heard the faint sound of someone playing a most familiar tune on piano: the SMB theme. It certainly isn’t out of the ordinary to hear the reverberation of kids playing piano in Korean apartment buildings, but this was a first for me.

Upon asking, I was informed that learning the Mario theme in piano lessons has recently become a big thing among kids, a nice diversion from the boring numbers they generally have to trudge through. This may be minor anecdotal evidence, but it’s still more proof that Nintendo and its DS are making a real impression upon Korean kids, a neat thing to witness firsthand in a place where the company virtually didn’t exist a year ago.

Doot doot doot, do-do-do-doot, doot doot do-doot, doot doot, doot-do-do-do. Yep, now it’s stuck in your head, too!
Mario Song Fever [4CR][Pic]

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