Master System Coming To VC

mastersystem.jpgSega's answer to the NES will soon be making an appearance on the Nintendo Wii as Sega announces the impending release of Sega Master System titles for the Virtual Console. SMS games will be showing up in Japan first, with Fist of the North Star and Fantasy Zone at 600 and 500 Wii points, with European and US releases to follow later this year. Sega also plans on distributing Game Gear and Sega Mark III titles along with the SMS favs. I have to admit that I never actually owned a Master System, which didn't quite take off here in the states, so I am looking forward to filling a gap in my gaming knowledge with delicious Sega goodness from back in the day while I patiently wait for them to start releasing Sega Nomad* games.

Master System Meets Wii [IGN]
* - Yes, that was a joke.


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